Welcome to Songwriters of the Northwest Guild (S.O.N.G.)

The purpose of S.O.N.G. is to provide an environment for Seattle area songwriters to gather and share their songs with each other. We meet monthly on the first Thursday of the month and listen to each others songs, providing praise and constructive criticism to help each other write better and better songs. See our Events Calendar location and other informatino on our upcoming meetings.

The Guild is composed of songwriters from every genre of music and from every skill level from No experience to Pro-experience.

Membership in the Guild is FREE. Sign up for S.O.N.G and you will receive a email reminding you of our monthly meeting. By signing up you will also have access to our members only area. You can upload your songs in MP3 format to our members showcase area so that other people can hear your songs.

Help support the Guild!

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Check our Events section for a calendar of Guild events, including monthly meetings, special events, and performance dates posted by our singer/songerwriter members.

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Check our event calendar for information on all S.O.N.G events coming up. We've put together a list of resources on the internet that are helpful to songwriters. Support S.O.N.G. by shopping at amazon.com using the supplied link. Find out about our monthly meetings. Here some of the songs written by our members. You must sign up as an S.O.N.G. member in order to access this area. Items for sale